O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I’m not an expert on interior design but I’m pretty sure every room is improved by the presence of a Christmas tree.

Fake Christmas trees are my favorite plants because they are just as aesthetically-pleasing as real ones but I can’t kill them. They are the only “plant” that can be in my care for more than two days without turning brown and falling in on itself. For this reason, I believe Christmas trees should be used year round.

Granted we would probably have to call it something other than a Christmas tree, we could call it an AnyTime tree or a Becauseit’spretty Tree or a Becausethere’sthisweirdemptyspotinmylivingroomcornerwithoutit Tree. All of these seem like perfect and very reasonable uses for this versatile pseudo-plant that is quite clearly not living up to its potential.

Just imagine the design possibilities of an AnyTime Tree. For instance, it could be changed with the seasons and updated for all important holidays: Halloween, Easter, Groundhog Day, Grandparent’s Day or Secretary’s Day. No national or state -recognized holiday would go unappreciated. The possibilities are only has limited as your imagination and possibly, the holidays listed on your desktop calendar.

I also whole-heartedly support the AnyTime Tree movement because I pretty much just leave my Christmas Tree up all year anyway. Most people take their Christmas Tree down in January, usually a reasonable amount of time after New Year’s Day.

I have a different Christmas Tree tradition, I simply leave it up until my husband forces me to take it down. Last year, I made it to the end of January.

Frankly, I feel he made the wrong decision in asking me to Take It Down Already as I was just about to turn it into a Groundhog Day Tree. Now no one will ever know how great a Groundhog Day Tree would have looked in our living room. I think it really would have spruced things up. (Pun fully intended and made all the more pathetic for it.)

So if you, like me, fully appreciate the aesthetic brilliance of Christmas Trees please do me a favor and leaves yours standing. All year. Or at least until I’m forced to take mine down too…

I bet my St. Patrick’s Day Tree is going to look fantastic.